Chinatown Shuttle Bus – the Alternative to MTA?

Our team in digital marketing class decides to use MTA in NYC as our group project. Unfortunately, this is not a typical marketing case. Why? Because it’s a public benefit company for transportation and its goal is to serve more people and maximize the whole goodness. I don’t think there is any “real” competitor for it but I do think there are some alternatives people can choose as a substitute occasionally.

One interesting competitor I found is the Chinatown shuttle buses that run between Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.


If you search online, you will barely find anything about this service. No website, no video, no blogs. Surprisingly enough, nothing yet some reviews on Yelp and Foursquare. I’ve taken the shuttle bus once to Flushing in Queens. Well, it took me 25 minutes to get there. Since that day is on weekend, if I took a subway, it would take me an hour and half to get the same place…Last time on one Sunday, my friend Stacy took a train from Queens to Brooklyn, she spend TWO hours on the train…TWO hours!

What can you accomplish in 2 hours?


You may count 7200 lambs,



or finish watching a soccer game,



or 2 episodes of the show <Orange is the New Black>,



or take a bath, drink some wine, dry you hair, do the nail and feel awesome!


Any one of the above is better than being stuck in the train for 2 hours!

When I was asked to find the competitor for MTA, I felt really challenged. Because almost no transportation companies can make the price as low as MTA. But those Chinese shuttle buses made it! $2.75 from Mahanttan to Queens within 25 minutes! No draining waiting! No transit! No freaks!!

I finally fully understand the logic of Chinese businessmen here. They capture the need and compete by providing the lowest price. They don’t give a shit to packaging, advertising and marketing. The only one tactic they use is price, price and price.

It’s cheap but it works. 🙂


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