A Kickass Blogger — Avinash Kaushik!


— Avinash Kaushik, Author, Digital Marketing Evangelist – Google, Co-founder – Market Motive. 

I don’t know this guy before 3 of my marketing professors referred his work in class. However, although his name had kept being mentioned, it didn’t arouse my any interest in searching him online. Until one day, one professor in SAS class showed his talk video about online experience and we were kind of shocked by this passionate guy that how he compared the online experience with orgasm…! I have to say perhaps orgasm is most exciting moment but nobody really used that in a public speech! I was totally impressed by his ball and googled him right away after the class.  (If you want a little bit spiciness as well, check his video @ Does Your Online Experience Provide “Tiny Little Orgasms?” )

After logging onto his website, I soon found out why Avinash built up his influence so big through blogs:

1. Information Hub


At the bottom of the homepage of his blog, I’ve found very interesting stuff about digital analytics: “Bigger Mistake Analysts Make…And How To Avoid It” “Multi-Channel Attribution” “Facebook Advertising” “Segmentation” “Best Digital Analytics Tools…” I think I’ve found a free online web analytics class there! His topics almost cover all major categories in web analytics, from tool choosing to tips to success. There is no wonder that people came to his blog and refer his work a lot because people know it is an information hub about web analytics. They can save time by visiting only one website while getting inspired by this professional & passionate guy consistently.

2. Authentic, Passionate and Engaging!

Here is the beginning of the blog The Biggest Mistake Web Analysts Make… And How To Avoid It! :

“The single biggest mistake web analysts make is working without purpose.

We work very hard. We torture SiteCatalyst. We send out a lot of data. Then we resend it again and again. And yet our work results in very little impact on the business in terms of action taken by company leaders.

Why this sad state? Almost always we dive into the ocean of data first. Sadder still, we don’t ask questions later. We never ask questions.

No questions. No tie to what’s important. No impact from the data.

Result? Our work lacks purpose. It is that simple.”

This paragraph is very engaging. Avinash got that pain of being an analyst right to the point — sometimes his/her work was not necessarily taken action on by company leaders. His authentic tone makes analysts feel that their pain is understood, especially by those precise and detailed descriptions.

In all, I found this guy is fun, engaging and passionate about what he is doing. He provides people with a hub of knowledge in web analytics and passes the enthusiasm.  I’m not sure whether all excellent bloggers are doing the same thing but I think these 2 patterns definitely work on him! Other marketers or bloggers should learn from his practice in blogging. 🙂


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