Blue + LBM Marketing?

Recently Chinese people just finished their 7-days-long national day holiday. However, for people who went to Beijing for visiting the TiananMen Square, they probably needed to bring a mask…After years’ massive manufacturing at the cost of environment, a thick layer of smog attacked Beijing during the national holiday —


The Forbidden City in the smog — this is reminded me of the Great Smog in London 1952, in which more than 10,000 people died from the polluted air. But London’s case obviously gives us confidence a positive sigh: no matter what happened, the earth always gives us chances to turn over the pollution!


That’s why VW’s “Think Blue” campaign impressed me so much when I saw it.

images (2)

Here is another link for introducing this campaign:

Shanghai Volkswagen conducted a campaign called “Think Blue” in Shanghai, one center of finance, media, culture and transportation in China. It colored the steps areas into blue at several transportation hubs in Shanghai and encouraged people to save electricity resources by taking more stairs and fewer elevators. In this campaign, all participants were asked to check-in through the Foursquare-like app Jiepang at the blue spots. What’s more, they can get “Blue Points” from check-in to trade off gifts  provided by Volkswagen.

One reason I really like this campaign is that it meets the needs for 3 different parties: users, Jeipang and of course, Volkswagen. By generating CGC, the company get the most out of the campaign. Although this campaign took place 2 years ago, I really think it should re-do again for the Beijing Smog…to give us more positive spirit just as the couple in the following picture:


Hey love birds, I hope you can still be able to see the screen!

Happy National Day!! 😀


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