SpiciPanda’s Little World

Hi there, I’m Yishan Zhang but I am also SpiciPanda – a small, chubby & wicked panda that lives in my mind! She loves observing people and all the things happening around her. This blog is going to be making fun observations of everything, from science, culture, race to psychology and the beautiful/ugly. It would be my honor if you do laugh and think after reading my posts.

A little bit introduction of the name “SpiciPanda”:

I use it just because I come from a place which is famous for panda bear and spicy food in China. It’s called “Chengdu,” a city located in the southwest area.  Although it is famous in my country, I don’t get surprised if someone other than Chinese shrugs his shoulder and says ” I don’t know this place.”

But this does not frustrate me! Otherwise how could it be “SpicyPanda??” I’ve worked out 3 bullet-points to make people to remember it:

1. Panda bear – “Panda Bear comes from my hometown! ” (Well, actually not really…it’s from north part of our province, not exactly from Chengdu)

But why panda bear first?


Because more than often, we LOVE ANIMALS than loving each other! You might kiss a dog at the first sight but you will not trust a foreigner at the first sight. Because we are people. We have our “PRIDE” and “PREJUDICE!!” LOL

So if a dog walking can start a date…


Why don’t we start with Panda?? :p


2. Spicy Sizchuan Food – “To make you unable to talk.” 

Since Chengdu is the capital city of Sizchuan province, everything in it is about SPICINESS!


Red, Red, Red! You have to try authentic Sizchuan food at least one time. I’m not talking about the “American” Sizchuan food, but the real one buried by red peppers that makes your lips so numb that you can barely talk! lol Or you may want to bring some friends you don’t like and you know they don’t eat spicy food…

If you wanna learn more about Chengdu food, I think audioearth has done a good job in describing Chengdu’s obsession with spiciness @ http://audioearth.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/chengdu-is-one-of-the-most-beautiful-city-in-china/ Check it out!

3.  Beauties – “In China, Chengdu is famous for beautiful girls…and lesbian bars.”

Just as the spiciness in our food, Chengdu girls have that spicy element in their personalities as well. They love fashion clothing and bags and they are open to new things – even lesbian community. If you are travelling in Chengdu, don’t get surprised to see a street full of LES bars!

So, animals+food+beauties, I can’t image anything else that’s universally more attractive to people! These are my 3 sercret-bullets for “spicipanda.” I want to provide fun discussions that stimulate thoughts, just like how you taste spicy food! We can be different with each other and let’s debate for a more fun & meaningful life!

Ideally I will update my blog weekly. Hopefully I have had a good start. See you!


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